Current Exhibition - Matthew Snowden, Turning Edge 14 - 31 January 2020

Renowned Landscape Artist Matthew Snowden opens our New Year with an incredible collection of new works.  From the wind swept Scottish Islands, to the rugged beauty of the West Coast of Wales, Matthew's incredible vistas in paint are truly awe inspiring.  They really are a must to see in the flesh.  

Specialists in Contemporary Living British Artists for over 50 Years

We are a contemporary London art gallery based in Kensington’s Thackeray Street, having built an international reputation over the last 50 years, for representing and promoting some of the most exciting British artists working today. Next to the delightful Kensington Square, we are a local hidden gem of eclectic, one off shops and restaurants. We have been in this location since the Gallery was founded in 1968 – a stunning space with a warm feel – and have become a local destination over the years.

Thackeray Gallery has been a Member of The Society of London Art Dealers since 1994 and LAPADA since 2017.

Upcoming Exhibition: Iwan Gwyn Parry RCA, In the Footsteps of Turner's Thames, 11 - 28 February 2020

For four years Iwan Gwyn Parry RCA has been revisiting the river Thames, travelling, mapping and chartering the 237 mile long journey from source to sea. For his 2020 solo show at Thackeray Gallery, Iwan has created a collection of landscapes that powerfully captures this incredible river from dusk till dawn.



We provide many services such as Art Consultancy, Valuations, Installations, Storage & Hand Made Frames.  Please contact us for more information.

Forthcoming Exhibition: Judith Cain, Exploring the Rainbow Nation 2020

Following Judith’s trip to South Africa, her latest collection of work reflects the outstanding natural beauty of that ancient land. This is truly an exhibition of colour, life, pattern & energy.