CURRENT EXHIBITION - David Klein MRBS - Carving through Time - 12 - 26 September 2017

Four years in the making, with a focus of 'carving through time', David's work respects the ancestry of stone carving and embraces the more modern figurative style of today. Torso's, emerging figures, birds, amongst others, are his subjects.

Following David Klein - Anthony Garratt - Imaginarium - 10 - 27 October 2017

Award winning landscape artist, Anthony Garratt's new exhibition explores the idea of paradise, and our transient obsession with 'style'. Creating his work, mainly outside, Anthony is gripped by the elements, so much so, his work incorporates it; sand, rain, wax, grit, grass, leaves, flowers, to name a few, are introduced to his canvas along with layer and layer of paint.

In these works we are transported to different landscapes, asking us to evaluate our idea of paradise, while also questioning our continued quest for style.

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